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Our Services focus on encouraging each resident’s expression of all of God’s qualities, through practicing life skills and engaging with others, including housemates and staff. Each individual is assisted in their demonstration of achieving progressive goals and being a contributor within their home and community.

24/7 Care

We provide daily, continuous practical and prayerful support to every Twelveacres resident. Our staff are skilled at meeting any level of individual needs and tenderly encouraging progressive steps toward healing. Staff are trained in meal preparation and meal assistance, personal care, mobility and mobility aids. Oversight and ongoing assessment of daily needs ensures that individuals are receiving the best care in line with the principles of Christian Science.

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Plan a Visit

It’s easy to arrange a time for a virtual visit with one of our managers. We can first have a phone consultation to address any questions and understand your family needs. Then we can take a virtual walk with you through some of the home environments relevant to your family member.

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Family Resources

Even if Twelveacres is not your intended home, our experienced management team will be happy to  arrange a call to discuss your situation and assist in assessing the appropriate care needed and some optional care providers.

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Christian Science Nursing

Holding the right idea of man in my mind, I can improve my own, and other people's individuality, health, and morals (Mis. 62:1).

Christian Science nursing at Twelveacres takes a fresh approach to home care in a group setting.  We support everyday home life activities from an inspired metaphysical viewpoint as we oversee and provide care as needed. 

We fully embrace the qualities Mary Baker Eddy associates with a Christian Science Nurse – cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, tender, loving, joyous – as natural expressions sourced in God, Love, and essential to supportive family interactions. This selfless, loving and tender persuasion shines throughout all aspects of Christian Science nursing, touching residents’ home life and relationships.

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Learn How You Can Get Involved

Training is a natural part of how we support anyone willing to serve. Whether an employee, volunteer or chaperone so each person is comfortable working with the residents and lifting up our priority of cultivating a Christian Science healing home environment.

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