Healing & Progress

The most effective care we offer is the practice of Christian Science. A sense of family is at our core as we trust in God to guide us in each interaction and activity. We see unlimited capability in everyone and expect spiritual growth and progress for all. Each individual living at Twelveacres works daily with a dedicated Christian Science practitioner. We consistently witness the results of prayer and are happy to share some highlights from the past months. 

A non-verbal resident has been expressing more joy through smiling and giggling and has also been more cooperative.

One morning, a resident was shaking heavily as she went about her daily activities. A Christian Science practitioner was called for prayerful support, and by that evening there were no more symptoms.

Increased joy is expressed by a resident who continues to be more excited about and engaged in community activities and is spending time with housemates.

A resident stayed home temporarily from his day program while recovering from a leg injury and needed staff assistance. With daily Christian Science practitioner support, he began to make progress. Eventually, the resident was able to walk from room to room using a walker, perform some self-care, and even climb into bed. When he was ready to return to the Day Program, he called his practitioner and expressed great delight about the day and about his progress.

A resident had a physical challenge with her eyes. The symptoms subsided following a call with her Christian Science practitioner and praying “the scientific statement of being” (SH 468:9–15) out loud with a staff member.

One day, a resident appeared upset for no apparent reason. A Christian Science practitioner was called, and after listening to the practitioner’s prayerful ideas, the resident appeared more peaceful. The staff member read to the resident, including an article from The Christian Science Sentinel, and the resident smiled.  

A resident, who often goes for extended periods without speaking, began to verbally express continued gratitude. In general, she is speaking more without staff prompting.


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