Resident Life

We provide a loving family atmosphere, where individuals are given opportunities to choose and explore activities that interest them.  They learn how to weave the Golden Rule into their relationships and home duties. Staff is available 24/7 to guide and assist with daily living needs.

Our Unique Capabilities

Twelveacres provides support for each individual to experience a fulfilling life in a safe and loving Christian Science home setting with other Christian Scientists.

  • Fosters natural adult progression of living outside their family home
  • Expands their family away with other residents and staff
  • Continues the family’s involvement with life at Twelveacres
  • Fosters learning and sharing Christian Science
  • Builds relationships with local Christian Science churches and individuals
  • Broadens friendships with greater local communities

Our Family Life

Twelveacres provides all levels of 24/7 staff support for the opportunity to live in an extended Christian Science family home.


  • Home and Daily Living – Overseeing room & board and daily living
  • Semi-independent living – Reminding individuals of daily schedule and tasks
  • Life-Skills Assistance – Teaching and encouraging the demonstration of new life-skills
  • Interests and Activities – Enabling individuals to actively participate in activities based on personal interests and abilities
  • Personal Care and Mobility Assistance – Providing instruction and assistance when needed
  • Christian and Moral Character– Mentoring individuals to live by the Golden Rule and high ethical standards

Our Homes

Twelveacres understands that each individual has unique needs, and we are experienced to help families find optimal living and care solutions.  We look forward to hearing from you and working together on supporting your loved one.   Please feel free to contact Amy Hellyer at, or submit a request for more information at the apply to live button on this page. 

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