Our purpose is to support progress and healing. Together we foster a God-centered, and a thriving life for residents and staff. Christian Science is the cornerstone for providing a family home environment for each individual to daily demonstrate their full abilities. .

Our Values

Importance of Family

We exist to provide Christian Science support services when families need help for their loved ones.  Our work naturally encompasses everyone in an extended family of residents, staff, volunteers and community.

Trust In God

This applies to everything we do. We believe starting from this standpoint with each other, the residents and anyone involved with Twelveacres, realizes healing and continuous inspiration.

No Limitations

We operate without limitation and see this capability in everyone for the spiritual growth and  progress of all.

Our History

In September of 1932, the original organization began in San Francisco and was called “Our Children’s Home.” It was established to meet the temporary needs of Christian Science children from broken homes. The organization soon outgrew three homes in San Francisco, and then in 1942, moved into a twenty-room Los Altos Tudor home on twelve acres of land. At that time the name was changed to “Twelveacres, Inc.” 

Our Story

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Our Vision

To foster a family environment based on Christian Science healing that cultivates a God centered, thriving and purposeful life.

Our Mission

To offer a family environment reliant on God and based on Christian Science, where every individual contributes.

A culture without limitation in thought, action and communication, where God’s perfect man is beheld in every related individual and organization.   

We are here as an accessible Christian Science resource for individuals seeking practical daily care and activity in their demonstration of spiritual growth and healing.  


Twelveacres About Us - Our Mission


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