Twelveacres is a non-profit corporation that has been serving the cause of Christian Science for over 80 years. Our mission is, "Overcoming Developmental Challenges Through Christian Science." The residents of Twelveacres live in four homes in Silicon Valley where our dedicated staff work with them to overcome the limitations of disability through Christian Science care and education.

Summer 2014 Update:
"Plant a Seed" is Twelveacres' theme for this year. It is also the title of an original song written by Desiree Goyette. "Just one seed can turn the tide" is a phrase from this song, which illustrates just how vital is the love and care that our staff provides. It is essential to our healing mission.

This Summer we are continuing to raise funds for our ongoing operations and to rightly reward our devoted staff. Several generous donors have contributed $58,000 for a Matching Gift Program. All new contributions up to that amount will be matched dollar for dollar, enabling your donations to go twice as far. Read more about our campaign here. To qualify for the match, your donations must be received by July 31, 2014.

Desiree is donating one of her CDs, "Let It Go" (which includes our theme song) to all those whose donation of $150 or more is received by July 31, 2014. Click this link to hear a portion of the song: "Plant A Seed" song sample

When making a donation, please send any special instructions to: info@twelveacres.org

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